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"Lori is an amazing Social Media Manager. Her specialty is Pinterest. She brings your company's Pinterest account alive in a way no one else can."


Here at PWVS, I totally understand the challenges of marketing your business on social media. It is not an easy (or quick) task!

So, I made it my mission to take my knowledge and skills and make them available for others.

Don't know where to start? Here are a few suggestions:

  • The blog contains tons of valuable and FREE information (This post explains what Pinterest is, and this post explains what a SMM is in detail.)
  • If you are a DIY person and want to tackle Pinterest for yourself, I have a Pinterest course that teaches you Pinterest for business step-by-step! (Payment plan available!)
  • Are you feeling like you need to outsource some work? Check out the services section. I have packages available for every budget. (If you don’t see anything that fits your needs, send me a message and let’s talk!)
  • Subscribe to my vault of exclusive freebies and resources just for you!
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I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Lori. I am the founder of Planner Wishes Virtual Services.

A little about me: I am a graduate of the University of Hawai’i system, with degrees in Liberal Arts and Elementary Education. While I loved working with children, administration is my calling. As I began my career, I started in reception, and eventually made my way up to Executive Assistant and later small business owner. I am passionate about helping others and take pride in the work I put out. If I don’t know something I don’t stop there; instead, I commit myself to researching and finding out the answer to the best of my ability. I believe that we never stop learning in life!

I have a beautiful and rambunctious 4 (going on 16) year-old daughter. She definitely keeps me on my toes and active! I am also a coffee fiend (but I’m sure you can see why!).


My daughter is the reason I started my business-we found out at 18 months that she may be autistic. That wasn’t the part that scared me-what scared me was not being able to work to provide and support her. She was scheduled for speech therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, and more several days a week. I wasn’t able to find a suitable job (or sitter), so I created my own opportunities. So here I am! (And I couldn’t be happier!)

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