Bullet Journal for Productivity in my business

There are many tools that people use for various purposes. As a Social Media Manager, tools that aid me in my daily tasks are extremely important to me. Enter the bullet journal.

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productivity and bullet journaling

What is a bullet journal?

One of the most important things about my job is the fact that I need to stay organized so that I am as efficient as possible. While I use a few automated and online programs, I still rely on one analog tool-my bullet journal. 

What is a bullet journal? The official definition can be found at bulletjournal.com, but my definition is simple-a bullet journal is a planner that I create from scratch to function how I need it to. I can add certain pages each month (by creating them) or delete pages for a month or two (by not creating them). That way I didn’t purchase a pre-made planner of which I only use about half the pages included. 



“BuJo” for Productivity

My bullet journal (“BuJo”) has a monthly calendar, weekly and daily sections (spreads), a rough draft of my content calendar for the month, an area to jot down random thoughts (brain dump), a future log, and more. 

In a world where digital tools have taken over, I feel refreshed by using my analog tool and still staying organized and efficient. A BuJo can literally be anything you want it to be. 

A Functional vs Decorative bullet journal

Each person bullet journals differently, but the most popular way is to use a dot grid notebook (my favorite is Scrivwell brand on Amazon) and they decorate using fancy pens or charms. While it still functions as a calendar/productivity tool, it also can reflect your personality with stickers, stencils, charms.

Are you going to BuJo?

So if you are in the market to try something new with your planning and staying organized, I highly suggest trying out a bullet journal!

If you want to learn more about bullet journaling, and would like to participate in an informative, step-by-step course, I highly recommend the Journal You course by Life by Whitney. I adore her work and her spreads, and you also get a bunch of freebie printables to aid in your productivity! Check the course out here

bullet journaling for productivity

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