Accounting Made EASY with FreshBooks

Running a virtual business requires a lot of business tools. One type of business tool that is important is accounting software, so you can invoice clients, track hours worked, record income and expenses, etc. The best accounting software I have come across is Freshbooks cloud Accounting.

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The burning question is-what can FreshBooks do for you. There are MANY choices out there when it comes to client invoicing, accounting, and keeping track of finances, but this one is a personal favorite of mine. And no, it’s not because I’m an affiliate for them. I loved them before I even got into their affiliate program!

accounting made easy with FreshBooks cloud accounting software

While there are invoicing programs and tools like QuickBooks and Paypal, FreshBooks is the one program I have grown to love and keep coming back to. They have a user-friendly interface and I love how EASY it is to set up a client and auto-bill them every month! Another plus is that it keeps track of my finances and categorizes my expenses, as well as charges late fees automatically. It has truly proven to be a lifesaver for my business (and sanity!) and I’m so in love with the program. 

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The best thing about FreshBooks is that they offer a free trial before you buy, and there’s no pressure or obligation to continue after your trial is up. The features they offer with each plan is amazing and have really helped me with my business.  Here is a breakdown of their plans (from their website):

-Lite @ $15/month: 
 5 clients= unlimited invoices and estimates; Track time and expenses; support

-Plus @ $25/month: 
50 clients= all Lite features; automatic payment reminders; charge late fees; schedule recurring invoices; send proposals; request e-signature on proposals; accounting reports

-Premium @ $50/month: 
500 clients, plus all Lite and Plus features. 

FreshBooks is an online accounting software for small business owners. Invoice your clients with ease!


As you can see, FreshBooks does it all and then some! Sign up through my affiliate link today and put your mind and books at ease. With a free trial before you buy, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the program before it’s up!

If you use FreshBooks yourself, drop a comment below and tell me your favorite feature!

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