Grow your blog’s authority by creating awesome guest posts to share here!

Why Guest Post?

Guest posting is a great opportunity to gain authority to your blog, especially if it is a newer blog. This helps with your SEO and assists you in getting a good spot in Google searches.

Guest posting varies from blog to blog, so each time you submit a post can be different.

Topics I’m looking for, for guest posts:

  • Online business (creating one, running one, tools/resources, mistakes to make, tips/tricks/hacks, etc.)
  • Social media (FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, managing accounts, tips/tricks/hacks, getting followers, etc.)
  • Blogging (starting one, topics, tips/tricks/hacks/resources, etc.)

Requirements for guest posting:

  1. Read a few posts on my blog and see what was written already so you have an idea of what you can write.
  2. Prepare to write a post of 700+ words on a topic I am looking for, plus a short 2-3 sentence bio (which will be included, along with your website, on your post).
  3. Allow up to a week for your post to be shared on my blog, as I need time to edit and add SEO. You do not have to create any graphics to submit.
  4. Affiliate links are not allowed in the post unless it is to your own product.
  5. Apply to post on my blog here: