March 2019 income report

I’m back at it again! I had so much fun creating and sharing my income report for January and February, I decided I wanted to continue to share these reports and show beginner bloggers that you CAN make money from new blogs. So here is my March income report.

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As you will see, I may not have made much of a profit in March because I had quite a few more expenses than I did in the months before. However, by spending that money to get necessities (I feel) for my business, I am content with it.

By sharing my income report and giving you a peek into my personal expenses, I hope to give insight to those who are just starting their journey. I know when I was on my third try to start blogging (and actually getting serious about it) income reports were about 50% the motivation I needed to actually go with it and stick with it. I wanted to give a realistic outlook to what starting a blog and VA business really looks like in the beginning.

Below you will see the statistics, income, and expenses for my sixth month of blogging and virtual assisting.

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march 2019 income report for blogging and virtual assistant tasks

What is an Income Report?

An income report contains the income you made each month, by way of blogging, affiliate sales, any type of product sales (like if you are selling an eBook or course), ad payouts, etc. It can also show your stats and expenses as well. I am hoping that there is no right or wrong way to break down a report, however, I am still learning and I intend to create better reports as I go along. 

March income report details

Note: I wanted to voice from the beginning that all incoming money (“income”) is made from blogging, one way or another. I blog about my Pinterest services, which is what brings me clients. I blog about affiliate resources, which is what brings me affiliate sales. In case you were wondering why I included what I included in my summaries.

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Pageviews: 1,005 (taken from Google Analytics) compared to 906 in February

Income: $196.07

FreshBooks is cloud-accounting software that I use for invoicing, bookkeeping, etc.

FOMO is and ads service that not only pays by click, but by impressions as well. You get automatically paid every month, and there is no minimum to cash out.

Expenses: $170.82

Total profit for March: $25.25

These expenses are variable and do not all occur every month. This month just ended up being a heavy-expense month. Sometimes it will happen that way, and you can decide whether you truly need the expense or not.

Tailwind, FreshBooks, DropBox, & PayPal fees will almost always be a reoccurring [variable] expense each month for me.

The virus protection is yearly, and the List by Number course is one-time.

how I make a living with my laptop, tablet, and phone, and how you can too. march 2019 income report.

March stats

The numbers below represent the numbers I have for social media and subscribers, and compiled into my March income report.

So did I hit my March goals?

My goals for March were to increase my page views up to 2,500, and I didn’t even get halfway. To fix this for next month, I will be promoting my blog (for free) a little bit more than I have been in the past. I am doing this by way of more participation in Facebook groups, more pins on Pinterest (probably by doing an A/B split test) and by creating at least one blog post per week (I was doing one every other week).

Another goal I had was to increase my email subscribers to 150, and although I got to 100, I did not reach my goal. For the month of April I will be creating more opt-ins and also continuing with the newsletter that I have just started on March 21st.

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April goals

For April, I will be using the same goals I set out in March. 150 email subscribers, 2,500 pageviews, plus more in affiliate sales. Now that I have ads running on my website, I feel that I will be prospering a little more during the month.

Suzi Whitford from Start a Mom Blog is running a challenge [for April] that involves creating 10 NEW Pinterest pins to gain and drive more traffic to your blog. I (of course!) jumped on this challenge and will be participating. It’ll be like killing two birds with one stone! Hopefully I can reach my April goals by participating in this challenge.

*If you’d like to participate in the challenge alongside me, you can sign up here (affiliate link). As “prizes”, if you refer at least 10 people, you will receive a FREE coaching call. If you are the person with the most referrals at the end of April, you can receive ALL of Suzi’s courses FREE! (Which is a steal as she is a GREAT educator!)


I loved creating this March income report (and other reports) as it gives me great insight to how well my business is doing. I feel like, as a beginner blogger (6 months in) I am doing really well. And not just money-wise; I feel like I am growing as a small business owner.

I recently signed up for Dubsado and can I say GAME-CHANGER?! I am extremely late to the game, but I am loving the organization. I am just starting to set it up, but watch for my full review in the future! This is a great step for my business and now that I have workflows set up, I don’t have to worry about using 5+ different services when I sign a new client-its all done in Dubsado! Best of all, it’s FREE up to 3 clients/leads!

(I was using one service for contracts, one for invoicing, one for passwords, one for surveys/collecting information.. ahhhhh such a rookie move hahaha.)

Shoot me a comment and let me know what you think about my most recent income report. And if you liked this report, please pin or share for others to see!

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