Top 5 reasons businesses aren’t marketing on Pinterest – and why they should be.

When people hear the words ‘social media marketing’ they don’t usually think of Pinterest first.  But, to tell you the truth, Pinterest is marketing’s best-kept secret!

What Pinterest is:

  • A visual search engine
  • An organic-traffic driver
  • An excellent place to get ideas, tips, advice
  • A place to make money
  • A great place to advertise your business
  • A long-term marketing ‘investment’

What Pinterest isn’t:

  • A social media platform
  • A quick-fix 
  • A marketing solution for every business (but can be for most!)

(Learn more about the above on this blog post, How Pinterest can build your business on autopilot.)

social media marketing

Pinterest is a long-term marketing strategy, of which people don’t like to wait to see results for. When you are waiting for a new client or a new order, it’s understandable that you’d like the business sooner rather than later.

In all honesty, you can utilize Facebook and Instagram (even Twitter!) to get the quick results you crave, and then set Pinterest up to “run” in the background!

Pinterest is an excellent way to have your products and services always available for people to see (and search for).

Of course, there are many people (businesses) that aren’t on Pinterest yet, and for various reasons. I took a poll in one of my favorite Facebook business groups on why people weren’t utilizing Pinterest for their business. Shared below are the 5 most common responses, and my take on them. 

top 5 reasons businesses don't use pinterest

Start a business account

Reason number one: Don’t know how/no experience/don’t understand it/don’t know where to start

Pinterest can truly be confusing, especially if you don’t understand how to use it as a business. 23 (out of about 70) people gave this as their reason for not marketing their business on Pinterest. 

Although this is a very common reason for not being on Pinterest, it doesn’t have to stop you from utilizing a great marketing network.

My solution: research! Read up about Pinterest, learn why it works, why it’s beneficial, and why it can help you keep your business alive. There are many avenues to learning about Pinterest.

When I first started my journey, I consumed every bit of information I could find on the subject (and most of it came from Pinterest itself!) There is no magic wand or spell that can make you automatically learn, you have to work at it (like everything else).

I have TONS of FREE Pinterest information on my blog (i.e. how to start your business account, what views mean, SEO, and more!), Instagram account, and Facebook Page.  If you need a little more help, I also offer a paid Pinterest course (payment plan available), and monthly Pinterest management.

You don’t have to miss out on a great, under-utilized marketing platform just because you don’t understand it. Options are available at your fingertips!

Reason number two: Not sure how it’ll help my business/what do I connect it to?

The second-popular reason (as stated by 15 people) as to why people don’t utilize Pinterest for their business is that they don’t know HOW it can help them. 3 of those people expressed that they’ve only used Pinterest personally, and never even knew they could use it for marketing their business!

So, what makes Pinterest different from other marketing platforms? (source)

  • Over 300 million people are on Pinterest every month
  • People come to Pinterest to get inspired and try new things
  • It is an under-utilized platform for marketing
  • It is not a social media platform – so you can market WITHOUT worrying about engagement
  • Pinterest can drive engagement on your pins for 120 days or more
Half-Life for Posts on Different Social Media Platforms

Pinterest has proven to be my biggest source of referral traffic for my business thus far!

referral traffic from google analytics
Referral traffic from July 19-August 19

It is a great way to get organic traffic (traffic that is referred from a source that isn’t paid) just from SEO/keywords. Since you already SEO your blog posts, doing the same for your Pinterest profile and pins are the same thing. (Read more about Pinterest SEO.)

A Pinterest business account also provides analytics, which is a great way to measure your success.

My solution: Chat with a Pinterest expert and learn exactly how Pinterest can help you specifically. Most have free consults (I do!) and you’ll have a better idea of how Pinterest can work for you. Pinterest may not work for every business out there, but you’ll never know unless you talk with someone and get a better idea of the platform. 

**Things to remember: Pinterest is NOT social media (no engagement necessary to “work”), nor is it a quick-fix. It takes time to flourish (but so does your business). Let it grow alongside your business, and in no time you’ll see AMAZING results.

common reasons businesses aren't on pinterest

Reason number three: I have no time/it’s time-consuming/it’s tedious & a hassle/overwhelming

Running a business is no easy task! Between your daily tasks, client work, blogging, marketing, and MORE it’s easy to feel like you can’t add another thing to your plate!

As a business owner myself, I am right in that boat with you. I feel this way about Instagram. I can’t seem to wrap my brain around the innerworkings of it, but I still post each day like I know what I’m doing lol. For me, I wanted to specialize in Pinterest, so it was my main concern.

My solution: Outsource! The quickest way to utilize another platform (that’ll be beneficial for you) is to hand it over to an expert. Now, I know what you’re saying, ‘Lori, I just started my business, not only do I NOT have time to learn another platform, I don’t have the money to give away, either.’

I hear ya! Some free or low-cost options:

  • If you’re in a business-related Facebook group, (if it is allowed) offer to barter services with someone. (Trade a service/product you offer with someone who offers a product/service you want)
  • If someone is just starting out and building a portfolio, they may be offering hugely-discounted services in exchange for testimonials
  • Be on the lookout for sales and discounts! (I like to give BOGO free months of my bigger packages!)

There are awesome ways to get ahead in your business, you just need to know where to look! Some great Facebook groups I’m in where you can find people who offer the above are Virtual Assistant Savvies, Boss-Moms, and Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs.

Reason number four: No blog/stopped blogging

It amazes me that people think that Pinterest is JUST for bloggers! But Pinterest is and can be for everyone!

You can create a pin that can be directed to any (legit) URL. So if you are wanting traffic to a certain area, this is the way to do it.

Just a few places you can lead pins to:

  • Facebook Group/business page
  • Instagram, Twitter, any social media account
  • Lead pages/opt-ins/freebies
  • Products/services
  • Newsletter/email list
  • Website
  • Blog
  • eCommerce store (Etsy/Shopify, etc.)
  • Sales funnels

Whether you blog or not, it shouldn’t stop you from utilizing Pinterest for anything! It is a great way to lead people exactly where you want them to go! 

My suggestion: if you use Pinterest personally, think about how and why you use it. The person/people behind the pins are just like you-entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, etc. Look closely at the pin you’re about to click on, the picture, headline, and where it goes. Think about why you’re saving it for later. 

As you click and save pins, you are giving the author the same things you are looking for-traffic and business. 

top 5 reasons businesses aren't marketing on pinterest

Reason number five: I don’t see results/I don’t see the value/it’s not worth it

This response is one that hurts me quite a bit. 

Yes, Pinterest is a bit difficult to understand. Yes, it takes a LONG TIME (at least 3 months or more) to see/reap the results from. Yes, it may just be too frustrating to keep up with.

When businesses inquire about my Pinterest services, one of the first things I tell them that it is not a quick-fix solution for their business. So if they’re looking for immediate gratification, they definitely won’t see it. 

But, if they are looking for long-term results and steady traffic (without doing much!) then they are in the right place!

My advice? Things take time to become great! Some of the greatest words of wisdom I’ve heard (and I’m sure you’ve also heard) are: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Fine wine gets better with age. (Some cheeses too.) Slow and steady wins the race. Quality over quantity. Good things come to those who wait.

You wouldn’t want a half-ass business, so why do you expect your marketing to be? Think about it this way-if you start your Pinterest from the day you start your business, they can grow together and get to where it needs to be in just a few short months! 

What I see often is that people “start their own business” at a time where they need fast-cash, and not at a time where they can nurture it and build it from the ground up. So, of course, Pinterest will never be an option because Pinterest doesn’t payout by the end of the day.

Final thoughts

As you can see, Pinterest is definitely my favorite place to advertise my business/blog. I get so much use out of it, and not only for business purposes. 

Pinterest has proven itself to me over and over again. And the best part is that you can measure the results, too.

If you’re not on Pinterest yet, do you fall into any of these categories? Or do you have another reason? Share below!

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Lori Silva was born and raised in Hawai'i, on the beautiful island of O'ahu. She is a coffee-guzzling, tell-it-like-it-is person who decided she could not only just stay home with her daughter, but work from home, too. Lori's passions include helping others, organization, and of course, Pinterest. Her dedication to her work along with her communication and systems creation make her an excellent candidate for managerial tasks.

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