Amazon is my #1 choice for my small business shopping. It is so easy to get supplies and things, AND it gets delivered to my door. It has truly been a lifesaver in this pandemic.

Recently they had Prime Day (epic deals and discounts for two days in October) and they’ll soon have even more deals and discounts for the holiday season. Their prices have generally always been on the lower side, and these deals make the price points even sweeter.

The items listed below are all things I have purchased and loved. All opinions are my own. Grab these great deals when you can – you won’t regret it!

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

Big Purchases

These are purchases that are on the larger side, but provide the foundation for your business. These are almost always one-time investments, so you don’t have to worry about spending big each month. Everything here you can get from Amazon and delivered to your door.


First and foremost you need a place to do your business! This desk is sturdy and slim and doesn’t take up too much room. We actually have 3 of these in my house, one for me, one for my significant other, and one for my daughter. We love them and they are used basically every day.

Desk Chair

I absolutely love this chair! I am a rather bigger woman, and this chair is comfortable enough for me to use daily!

Cricut Maker

If you are a crafter or in the crafting business (party supplies, vinyl stickers, t-shirts, etc.) then you’ll need a Cricut to help you out! This one is $159.99, 46% off its original price ($294.99). This is a STEAL so if you’re looking to get one, get this one NOW. (Don’t forget to check out the accessories you may need, too!)


As much as you think you won’t need it, you will find that a printer/copier/scanner/fax machine will definitely be something that you need. I have gone through quite a few of them until I settled on this one. (Tip: sign up for HP Instant Ink. It will truly be a lifesaver!!!)

Desk/Wall Calendar

Calendars definitely come in handy, for your family AND business. Keeping track of appointments and deadlines are so important when running a business. I love this calendar because its so adorable and super affordable!


Even if you have a wall/desk calendar, you need a portable one, too. You don’t need anything fancy (unless you really want it!) so a cute little book that can fit in your purse will do. (Check out some cute stickers, too. You deserve it 😉 )

File Solutions

If you have a business that contains clients, you need a place where you keep all their personal documents and information safe. If you’re just starting out, a file box may do, however, as you scale bigger you should get something that locks and can be kept safe.

Power Strip/Surge Protector

This is an important thing to have because you’ll have quite a few things to plug in at once. This also protects your computer/laptop if the power should ever go out. I love this one because it has the USB ports, and its slim and flat.

If needed: A Computer/Laptop/Tablet

Smaller Purchases

These are things that are more wants than needs, although you’ll find some things that could definitely become a necessity. (Of course, you can get a lot of these items at back to school sales, too.) These are things I use almost daily in my client-based business.

These are great things to have if you run a customer-based business that you have to ship materials for:

If you are a maker, these may work for you:

If you are an influencer, these items may work for you:

Fun Stuff

Fun stuff is definitely NOT needed to run a business, however, I’m a strong believer that you will feel better and work better in an environment you love.

This list contains decor and alllll the pretty things.

And that should get you started! What type of business are you looking to start? Have you found something you absolutely love using for you business?

Thank you for reading!