How Pinterest audits can change your business (for the better)

Social media has quickly become one of the best ways to market a business today. With benefits such as free advertising, you really can’t go wrong with tapping into this resource.

But how do you know if you’re using your [various] social media accounts properly? If they are being used to their full potential?

This is where something called an “audit” comes in. This post will explain to you what a Pinterest audit is, and why you NEED one. (Yes, its that important!)

Keep reading to find out why a Pinterest audit is right for you!

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how pinterest audits can change your business for the better

What is a Pinterest audit?⁣

A Pinterest audit gives you insight into how your profile is performing. It’ll tell you what’s missing, what can be added/changed, or what is going really well.⁣ (Plus much more.)

Many social media managers offer audits, and I think it is worth looking into. A few of the things Pinterest audits assess are:

  • If you are using the [right] keywords
  • If you need to add/merge boards
  • If you need to change up your pin styles/wording
  • If your followers are responding to your strategies
  • If you need to create a new strategy..

..and more!

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Why should you do a Pinterest audit?⁣

Getting an audit on your Pinterest account allows you to gain valuable information on your profile, as well as, strategies tailored specifically for your business/followers. Strategies are essential for driving traffic and getting seen.⁣

A strategy is a process that you create to gain organic traffic and followers to whatever you have your pins connected to. Some strategies include:

  • Pinning at certain times
  • Pinning in certain order/to certain boards, etc.

Strategies depend on each individual situation and account. Pinterest is big on trial and error, so you just have to see what works for you. However, you can’t create a strategy that’ll perform well without a little insight.

why you will benefit from a pinterest audit

How often should you do a Pinterest audit?⁣

Pinterest audits can be performed 1-2 times a year (but realistically, you can do it more often). By waiting in between audits, it gives you at least a few months to get your strategies in place and see if they are working for you. I don’t normally recommend doing one less than 6 months from the last one, because there may not be enough time in between them to get accurate data. However, if you feel that you need another audit sooner, go for it!⁣

In the Pinterest “world” it is recommended that you give a pin about 3 months to circulate and really “pick up”. That way you can see how it really fairs, how much it is received, etc. (Of course, pins that people are interested in, seem to pick up a lot quicker!)

Remember-Pinterest is not a quick-fix, but rather a platform made to “last” for the long run.

How do you perform a Pinterest audit?⁣

First, you should review your analytics. (Note that you should have at least 6-12 months worth of data so that you can see exactly what is going on with your account and analyze it properly.) See what posts are popular, have the most likes, comments, etc. This shows what your audience is interested in, and you can offer more like that.⁣ (You can use Tailwind for more in-depth analytics! Use my affiliate link to sign up for your first 100 pins free, on top of a free month of Tailwind Plus!)

Next, you should review your profile, boards, and pins. Are they SEO optimized? Are you adding keywords? Did you include hashtags?⁣ Do you know how to choose hashtags for Pinterest? (Hint: it’s not the same way you would choose hashtags for Instagram or Twitter!)

pinterest audit worksheets

You can perform an audit yourself, or, you can ask an expert for one. ⁣If you’re going the DIY route, you can download the exact worksheets I use to audit my client’s Pinterest accounts! Know what to look for in YOUR account! Get yours here:

learn what you're doing wrong and right on pinterest


Performing a Pinterest audit of your account will definitely give you a chance to see if your profile can be adjusted to help you bring in more organic traffic and succeed in getting your brand/business/blog some recognition. By knowing what “sells” you gain insight that you didn’t have before and are able to capitalize on that.

If you don’t want to perform a Pinterest audit on your own and would prefer an pro’s opinion, you can also get an experienced Pinterest manager to do an audit for you! I offer audits as part of my services, and you can snag yours here.

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