How to create (or convert to) a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is one of marketing’s best-kept secrets! Many people don’t realize the potential Pinterest has to drive organic traffic to your website and blog. If you are using Pinterest for your business, it is required (by Pinterest’s TOS) that you use a Pinterest business account.

What is holding you back from creating a Pinterest business account? Fear? Not ready? Unsure of the process? Just don’t have the time?

Don’t fret! Creating a Pinterest business account is FREE and easy to do! You seriously can create or convert an account in minutes! The best part is, if you really want to, you can OUTSOURCE this task. This post will lay out how to create or convert your Pinterest business account.

how to create or convert to a pinterest business account

Start a business account

First things first, what is Pinterest, and how can it benefit you?

Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is NOT a social media platform, but a visual search engine (similar to Google and Bing). Currently, Pinterest has over 250 MILLION users a month.

Do you use Pinterest for personal use? Think carefully about how you use it.. Search for a recipe, advice, new trend, then you save (pin) it to a board for future reference. You’re not exactly being social there, are you?

By utilizing the features of Pinterest, you are able to contribute your content and gain traffic to what you want traffic for. In turn, Pinterest builds your business on autopilot for you!

What benefits come with a Pinterest business account?

Having a business account can benefit you in multiple ways. Some of the features and benefits that come with a Pinterest business account are:

  • It’s FREE!
  • Analytics and data – see how well your account is performing, what is working, and what isn’t
  • Ads – you have the opportunity to create ads and promotions for your pins and get seen by more people
  • Ability to display your business or blog name instead of your first and last name
  • Rich pins – special pins that pull extra information straight from your website, and shows your branding as well as information about you. This allows your pins to look trusted.

How do I get a Pinterest business account?

Pinterest business accounts are easy to obtain, and anyone can get one (there are no special requirements necessary!).

There are two ways to go about doing so. You can 1.) convert your personal account, or 2.) create a brand new one. I will show you how to do both 🙂

Converting your personal account to a business one:

  • Head to your settings (3 dots in the upper right corner)
  • You will receive a pop up offering that you switch to a business account
  • Click “upgrade now” and follow the directions
pinterest business account

That’s it! You have now converted your personal Pinterest account to a business account.

Creating a new Pinterest business account:

Creating a new account from scratch is just as easy as converting a personal one. Head to and click “create a business account”. (It will help you tremendously if you have your business name and email already known.)

pinterest business account

You will be given a series of prompts to begin creating your account. One thing to remember is that [currently] Pinterest doesn’t allow you to change your business name, so when you create your account, be sure that that’s the name you want to have! Otherwise, you may find that you’ll have to deactivate that account and start all over again (and lose whatever followers/viewers you have!).

And there you have it! You have created a Pinterest business account from scratch! Simple, right?

Pinterest business accounts

So now you know that setting up an account is simple, fast, and very beneficial for your business!

By utilizing the FREE features of a Pinterest business account, you are sure to level up your traffic without spending money on advertising. (Unless, of course, you decide to promote your content or run ads.)

Pinterest is definitely an enigma to most, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a great asset to your marketing plan.

To learn more about Pinterest and get a better idea of how to manage it for your business, grab my ultimate Pinterest course, Pinterest for the People. The course breaks down Pinterest, optimizing your profile, and managing it into easy-to-follow instructions. This course is also very useful if you’re considering a career in Pinterest management!


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