Are you making these 9 Pinterest mistakes? (Fix them for a free Pinterest boost!)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard (somewhere) that Pinterest is an EXCELLENT platform for driving organic traffic. And the best thing about it is that it is NOT a social media platform, but a visual search engine.

To be honest, Pinterest for business is a tough nut to crack. But once you do, it will ultimately be one of the greatest [free] marketing tools you have for your business. 

Get the most out of Pinterest for your business by making sure you’re not making these “mistakes”. Bonus: I tell you how you can fix them!

Start a business account

top 9 pinterest mistakes made the most

Pinterest mistake number 1 – not having a business profile

If you are conducting any kind of business on Pinterest (marketing your business, selling your products, etc.) you MUST have a business profile.

Business profiles have quite a few benefits. One being analytics (stats on how well your account is doing, and what changes you need to make); as well as, the ability to create ads. 

Not to fret – a business profile is easy to set up and FREE! Head to this blog post to learn how to set one up, or to convert to one from a personal profile.

Other things you can do to your profile: claim your website, verify your account, set up rich pins.

Pinterest mistake number 2 – not using SEO or keywords 

Because Pinterest is a visual search engine and not a social media platform, it “works” by way of SEO (search engine optimization), which is basically “keywords”. Using the right keywords in your profile, description, and pins will definitely get you to the top of the search results on Pinterest.

SEO is the “secret sauce” that gets you seen and ranked when it comes to using specific keywords. Learn more about SEO/keywording on this post.

Pinterest mistake number 3 – low-quality pins

When you browse Pinterest for pleasure, think about what makes you stop on a pin and click on it.

Is it appealing? Eye-catching? Has your favorite color? Has a headline that makes you extremely curious?

Now take that same concept and apply it to YOUR pins. Are they branded to your business? It is appealing? Does your headline match what is behind the pin? This is important because if you want someone to click on your pin and learn more about what you have to offer, you need to give them a reason to. 

Tip: utilize graphic creation programs like Canva or PicMonkey.

One of my first pins, for my very first blog post.. very plain, not attractive, just…yuck!

Another pin for the same post, created at a later time. Which one would you be likely to click on?

Pinterest mistake number 4 – your boards aren’t properly named or utilized

I see this all the time, and I used to make this mistake as well. People name their food boards “yummmmmmmy in my tummy” or fashion board “strut that stuff”, etc. While these are great names for your boards on your personal page, this won’t help you on your business page. People don’t usually search for “yummy” meals using 7 M’s. 

When creating boards on Pinterest (for business purposes) it is best to name them using keywords that people would use to search for them – and be specific. For a meals board, you can use, “Keto meals”, “meals for busy moms”, “meal prep”, etc. 

Also, be sure to write a well-keyworded description, as well as choose a category for your board.

Another problem with boards is having boards that have nothing to do with your niche. While it’s ok to use one Pinterest account for both personal and business, it will actually hurt your reach if you have non-niche boards on your profile. The solution? Make your personal boards secret! That way you can still have them, but no one will see them. 

are you making these 9 pinterest mistakes?

Pinterest mistake number 5 – you don’t have a strategy

If you are just randomly pinning random pins to your profile, then it won’t help you draw people to your pins. 

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Pin your pins to relevant boards (niche-specific boards first, general topic boards later)
  • Join niche-specific group boards, and repin from there
  • Go over your analytics and see what is working for you and what isn’t.
  • BE CONSISTENT! It is extremely important for the momentum of your profile to be consistent with your pinning.

Tip: Grab some of my best pinning strategies in my Pinterest course!

Pinterest mistake number 6 – you don’t create new content or boards

Pinterest LOVES new and fresh content and rewards those who create them. Even if you aren’t releasing a new blog post or product every day/week, you can still put out new pins!

Every week you should take your most popular pins/posts and create a new pin for them. You can also do this with your opt-ins, leading pages, ebooks, etc. This gives you more pins to share, and also “shows” Pinterest you are putting out new content.

Other ways to create new content can be to create new boards (be sure to keyword them correctly!). Look at what people have been searching for in your niche and create a board around that topic. 

social media marketing hacks guide

Pinterest mistake number 7 – not using a scheduler/not manual pinning enough

First – not using a scheduler. A scheduler is an awesome tool that helps you to pin to Pinterest automatically for you. Usually, it is at optimized times when your audience is on the most. This means that you can pin to Pinterest and make money while you sleep

I use Tailwind to schedule and post for me. Tailwind is an approved partner of Pinterest and provides an optimized schedule for you, on top of EXTRA (and more thorough!) analytics about your Pinterest profile! Learn more about Tailwind and why I love it on this post

Second – relying ONLY on schedulers, and NOT manually pinning enough. As with any platform, Pinterest “knows” when there isn’t a human presence around for a long period of time. As I mentioned above, Tailwind is an approved partner, so Pinterest “knows” Tailwind. But, they also prefer that Tailwind only be a “supplement” to human interaction, AKA manual pinning.

By being present on Pinterest, you are telling Pinterest that you care what others see, and they will “reward” you accordingly. You don’t have to sit and manually pin for hours; instead, take about 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to manually pin about 10 pins – a mixture of yours and others.

Tip: utilize Tailwind Tribes!

9 mistakes people make when using pinterest for business

Pinterest mistake number 8 – not checking your analytics

Knowing your analytics is important! It can tell you what pins are popular and converting; what strategies are working for you; what group boards are benefitting you, etc.

By checking your stats frequently (biweekly works best for me), you are able to know the ins and outs of your profile. A lot of people strive for the “monthly viewers” number because it is front and center on your profile. In actuality, the number you SHOULD be keeping track of is the number of click-throughs you get on each pin. Your monthly viewers will go up and down frequently (that is the ebb and flow of Pinterest) but your click-throughs will tell you how much traffic you are getting to your website (the goal of Pinterest).

This post will explain more about the difference between the vanity metric and important metrics.

Tip: perform a Pinterest audit every 5-6 months to see how well your profile is doing! Read this post to learn more. 

Pinterest mistake number 9 – not taking my Pinterest course!

Hahah ok maybe this isn’t a TRUE mistake, but by going through my course you will be able to set-up, optimize, and manage your Pinterest account monthly with ease!

My Pinterest course is affordable and very in-demand! Score your spot today for one low price. (Payment plans available, too.)

top 9 mistakes people make on pinterest

Final thoughts

When you use it efficiently, Pinterest can be the biggest driver of organic traffic for you. It is an excellent marketing platform and has the potential to make you money (even without a blog!). 

If you have made these “mistakes” and fixed them using my suggestions above, let me know in the comments how it worked out for you!

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    I need to start creating new boards and board covers. Thanks for tips!

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    Hi Lori
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    1. Planner Wishes by Lori

      I agree! I love the ease Tailwind brings me, but have to remember that I need to “show up” as well. Glad I’m not alone in this! Thanks for reading <3

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    So guilty about some of these …. Thank you for bringing these to my attention, good reminder!

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    Thank you for your Pinterest tips and tricks! I pinned this as well!

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