How to promote your Etsy shop using Pinterest

Pinterest is not just for bloggers or recipes. You can use Pinterest to market almost any type of business. 

Wonder how you can promote and market your Etsy shop on Pinterest? Keep reading!

Start a business account

promote your etsy shop using pinterest

Before I got into Pinterest Management, I owned my own Etsy shop. (I actually still own it. It serves as a spot for digital products.) Back when I started that journey almost 2 years ago, I started from scratch. I went through the site and taught myself how to use it and how to promote it. 

What is Pinterest?

First and foremost, Pinterest is not considered a “social media” platform. Pinterest is considered a virtual search engine, similar to Google and Bing.

So, when someone searches a keyword, they can get their results in picture form (pins). They then can take these “pictures” (pins) and save them (rep-pin) to boards for future reference.

Why promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest?

  1. Not everyone is using Pinterest for their small shops. 
    1. Even though Etsy is becoming a saturated market, Pinterest isn’t (yet). There is so much room on Pinterest for everyone – it’s scary!
  2. Pinterest can drive organic traffic (traffic not paid for) to your site.
  3. Pinterest can drive engagement on your pins for 120 days or more!
  4. People use Pinterest to find products just like yours.
  5. 300 million people use Pinterest a month.
  6. Buyers are more likely to make a purchase from something they found on Pinterest.
  7. It’s simple and free to set up!

How to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest

A. Start here

  1. Create a business account (see this post to learn how!)
  2. Make sure your account is verified (learn how here)
  3. “Claim” your Etsy and social media accounts (follow these instructions)
  4. Apply for rich pins (do that here)
  5. Create boards that pertain to your niche. Also, join some group boards. (Make sure they all have SEO descriptions! Get more info here.)

     B. Sharing is caring!

  1. Once you create your listing on Etsy, click the “cog” wheel and scroll down to “share”. You will have the option to share to Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. (Don’t forget your SEO description and hashtags!) Your primary photo in your listing will automatically become your pin cover.
  2. Create a new pin on Pinterest, and link it to your listing’s URL. (Don’t forget to create attractive pins, with your products, on Canva!) Get info about pins and get FREE templates here.

    C. Develop a strategy

  1. Don’t just pin, pin with a cause! One way to do that is to check your analytics. What pins is your audience responding to? Do you need to change them up? (You can only see Pinterest analytics on a business profile.)
  2. Ever wonder what times your audience is most active? It’s important to know this so when you pin, you get the maximum amount of impressions. By using a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind, they can pick and create an optimized pinning schedule for you to use and pin with. (Feel free to use my affiliate link to get a free trial and your 1st month free!)
  3. Share your products or pins in special Facebook promo groups (there are MANY!)
using pinterest to promote your Etsy shop

And there you have it! a simple way to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest! For more Etsy-related tips, be sure to claim your free download!

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