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Pinterest is not a “quick” marketing platform, and as with any type of marketing campaign it can take anywhere between 1-3 months to begin seeing major results. So why should you choose Pinterest? It is a great visual search engine (yes, Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is more similar to Google) where content can virtually last forever. Hiring a Pinterest manager will save you at minimum 6 hours a week by designing your pins and creating a Pinterest strategy that is right for you! Head over to the blog for more reasons why to choose Pinterest!

PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of this business, refunds cannot be given once your service period has started. If a refund is approved and warranted, you will be charged a $20 return fee. Unfortunately, as with any social media servicesI cannot offer any guarantees that you will make a profit from management.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you recommend in terms of the minimum and maximum time to use services for, to start seeing results?
  • Pinterest is a slow-moving platform that takes time to flourish and circulate. I recommend, at minimum, to plan on management for at least 3 months (to pick up), and up to six months to see real and true results (and to see if the current strategies are working for you). Remember-Pinterest works best when used consistently and daily.

2. Do you create images/pins?

  • Yes! You can get a different amount of branded and/or original pins with each package. See below for details.

3. How do you know what to post, when to post, what to create, etc.?

  • I can use the content you already have, create them into pins, and link that back to you.
  • I know when to post by way of checking your analytics and determining your optimal posting times.
  • I monitor analytics and apply specially-created strategies created for you and your audience, to ensure maximal exposure.

Pinterest Monthly Management

Investment starts at $350/month

Aimed at smaller businesses/businesses just starting who have limited content. If you do not currently have a profile, you will need to purchase the set-up package separately (one-time fee). 

  • Pin up to 250 pins/month
  • Create original pin designs using branding
  • Join Niched group boards
  • Board maintenance and clean-up (includes SEO)
  • Monthly progress report
  • Tailwind set up (Free trial and first month free, with CC hold) or management (if you already have TW)

Please be advised that you shouldn’t expect MAJOR results with only ONE month of management. It is recommended that you start off with 3+ months of management and re-evaluate thereafter.

*Payment plan available, however, you will be charged a $10 processing fee per payment. Please send an email to [email protected] BEFORE purchasing, if you’d like to establish a payment plan.

Other services available:

Pinterest Business Profile Set-up

Investment starts at $129 

If you currently have NO Pinterest profile, you will need to purchase a profile set up. This includes creating a business profile, as well as, setting up your account with necessities. TAT 2-3 business days. 

*This will be a one-time purchase, with each new account you are starting.

Pinterest Audit

Investment starts at $75


With this audit, I will review your account and make suggestions to optimize your profile for maximum exposure. Turn around time is between 1-3 business days.

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Ready to attract more readers and convert your subscribers into customers and clients?

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