10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today

Consistency is key. Content is king. Social media and admin tasks are never-ending.

I know you’ve heard the first two phrases before, however, the third one couldn’t be any truer. But how can you be consistent with social media if you’re busy with every other aspect of your business? 

This is where a VA (virtual assistant) or Social Media Manager can come in handy. (Sometimes they are the same person!) The way social media works is by being consistent. People like to know that you care about them and are present on the platform, rather than just showing up to sell them something.

While my main focus is on Pinterest strategies and management, I am also a general Virtual Assistant. Keep reading to learn 10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today.

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10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today

1. Set up your Pinterest profile & optimize it and/or manage your account on a monthly basis

Social media is like a storefront for everything you offer. It is almost always the first thing people look at when they come across your business. It is where you show your brand and personality to the world. This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT marketing tool!

Part of my Pinterest expertise is offering services to small businesses. When creating a [Pinterest] business profile I make sure it is optimized with relevant keywords so that it shows up in searches. 

As for monthly management, I create strategies based upon the business and profile performance to grow the Pinterest account and create organic traffic to your business.

2. Audit your Pinterest account

A great way to see if your Pinterest account is performing up to its standards, or if it needs to be updated, is to have your account audited! 

With this audit, I will review your account and create a report of suggestions to optimize it for maximum exposure.

3. Social media content calendar

Ask anyone who uses social media as part of marketing their business, what the downside to it is. I guarantee most of them will say content planning. Having a plan helps us to be efficient, and quite honestly, it makes us look more professional because everything is thought out. (Instead of being thrown together at the last minute.) Download my free content calendar here.

content calendar for social media

4. Social media graphics

What is a social media content calendar without graphics to go with it? Get graphics sized correctly for the social media account you need it for! Graphics can be made for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and with your brand’s colors/fonts/logo, etc. 

twitter sized graphic
Twitter graphic
sample facebook/instagram graphic
FB/IG graphic (square)
how pinterest can build your business on autopilot
Pinterest pin

5. Hashtag research for Instagram or Pinterest

Hashtags are an important way to get seen in searches. For Instagram, they keep posts together in a searchable (and followable) category. Every post with that hashtag is lumped together. For Pinterest, it works in the same way, except the pins with the hashtag show up in chronological order. 

6. Follow accounts in your niche and engage

Social media can take up a huge chunk of your day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who can find [legit] accounts to follow in your niche and to engage with them?

Engaging with your followers on a [minimum of a] daily basis is crucial to keeping your account active and will ultimately help it to grow. Not many people have time to sit and engage and skip it altogether. Once in a while is ok, but to not interact for a long period of time can actually hurt your reach.

*Please note that this does not include content creation or posting. This is strictly engaging and following.

10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today

7. Research blog post topics

Sometimes your well runs dry and writer’s block hits. It happens to all of us. I like to keep a list of “backup” blog posts I can write when I run out of ideas or need to put something out quickly. I can do this for you, too!

[Of course, it’s ok to take a break, too!]

8. Personalized analytics report for Pinterest

Have trouble interpreting or understanding your Pinterest analytics? I can go into your Pinterest backend and create a report for you that will contain information about your account (best pins, impressions, click-throughs, etc.) If you have Tailwind I can also get you information about your best and worst boards, too! (All of these services will require login access.)

Don’t get left in the dark about your Pinterest account! Get the information that can help you boost your business and more. 

9. Proofread blog posts

Sometimes it helps to have an extra eye when it comes to your writing. When you sit and craft a post for hours, the next thing you want to do isn’t read it all over again. By letting someone else read over your work, you are able to catch something that may not have been seen otherwise.

10. Create a flyer/opt-in/freebie

Not good at creating promotional materials, or do you just not have the time to? I can help with that! You provide the info, and I’ll create a document for it. Freebies and opt-ins are great ways to grow your email lists. 

Final thoughts

I know firsthand that running a business alone can have its frustrations. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete everything on your to-do list. It is especially frustrating when you have a vision and don’t have the extra help to make it a reality.

Not seeing something here that you need done? Feel free to contact me and see if it is something I can provide! Or, comment below something that you wish you could outsource in your business.

*To get any of these services, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or contact me on any of my social media sites.

Gain access to my vault of freebies and resources here.

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Lori Silva was born and raised in Hawai'i, on the beautiful island of O'ahu. She is a coffee-guzzling, tell-it-like-it-is person who decided she could not only just stay home with her daughter, but work from home, too. Lori's passions include helping others, organization, and of course, Pinterest. Her dedication to her work along with her communication and systems creation make her an excellent candidate for managerial tasks.

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