Why I’m not worried about my Pinterest views declining

I hear it in almost EVERY Facebook group I’m in. “My Pinterest views dropped 10k overnight!”; “Does anyone know why my Pinterest views are getting lower?”; “Why am I losing Pinterest views, and what am I doing wrong?” And while it is an extreme high to see your Pinterest views get higher and higher, when they tank, it hits you right in the gut. 

Although losing a few views here and there is nothing to get sick over, it still is a little discouraging at times. 

When I first started my Pinterest journey, you can believe that my goal was to get the highest amount of viewers in the shortest amount of time. I was DETERMINED to get to the million viewers mark. Or close to it. 

What I didn’t know at the time was that that number is basically a vanity number. One that doesn’t really matter when it comes to Pinterest strategies. 

why I don't really care about my Pinterest monthly viewers

So I’m here to tell you why I’m not sweating my Pinterest views dropping by 125k in a week, (yes, this really happened to me 2 months ago!) and how it’s slowly creeping back up only now.

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What are Pinterest views?

When you go to your Pinterest profile, [if it’s a business page] you will see a number labeled “monthly viewers”. This number is a combination of those who see your pins on your profile, as well as, those who see your pins from other profiles (who have pinned them).

(Note: if you do not see this number, you will need to convert or create a business page. Learn how to do that on this post.)

Most people place this number on a pedestal and strive to get the highest number possible on here. 

And while this is a nice goal (that means more people are seeing your pins, right?), this is not the strategy at which you should be striving for on Pinterest. 

What can be more important than Pinterest views?!

The number(s) that you should be shooting for is the number of click-throughs each of your pins get. 

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to your Pinterest strategy because this tells you a number of things:

  1. People have seen your pin, was intrigued and stopped to take a look at it
  2. People want to learn more about what you are offering
  3. Your pins are created well and are worded correctly or fashioned appropriately (for the topic of the pin)

THIS is the number you should be gunning for because that means people are visiting your website/URL! The purpose of Pinterest is to bring more traffic, and if people are only “seeing” your pin because they are scrolling past it (which is one of the components that give you that magic monthly viewer number) then you are NOT utilizing Pinterest to its fullest potential. 

impressions to clicks comparison
My impressions to clicks comparison for the last 60 days

How do you know how many clicks your pins get?

Pinterest has made this really simple now. (Let me not tell you the lengths we had to go to find out this information in the past!).

You can find this information a few ways:

  1. Go to your profile, click the “pins” tab, and under your pins you will see some numbers.
pinterest pins statistics

The number next to the upper-right facing arrow is the number of clicks this specific pin got. If you click on the pin, you’ll gather more information.

pin stats
  1. Go to your analytics (can only be done on desktop). Click analytics > overview > Top pins > Link clicks.
link clicks from desktop

Not seeing any numbers under your pins? This could be because of a few factors:

  1. You don’t have a business account 
  2. The pin is less than 24 hours old
  3. It is not your original pin

How do you create click-worthy pins?

If you have a high number of clicks for certain pins, take note that these pins are attracting your audience’s attention. This is great to know when you are creating pins in the future: create similar ones (because you know that they like the style/wording) and to create a new pin with the same title or pic, but change up the fonts/colors. (Play around with it!) Knowing that it’s a well-received subject, if you recreate the pin in a different style, you may attract MORE people to click on it!  

Don’t know how to create viral pins? There are many tutorials out there to help you create the perfect pin! (Try Applecart Lane or Kimi Kinsey) 

Pinterest followers DON’T MATTER

At least, not in the way Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter followers do. 

Remember that Pinterest is NOT a social media platform, but a visual search engine (like Google, but by pictures).

With FB/IG/TW you are playing a social game – so having a following is the only way your accounts will function.

With Pinterest, because it is not a “social” platform, having followers will not entirely stop the function of your account. Don’t get me wrong, when you have followers, your pins AUTOMATICALLY show up in their feeds (which brings you some views).

However, because Pinterest is a visual search engine, it works the best by using SEO strategies to ensure your content comes up in searches. (Which is the best way to get seen, in my opinion.)

So now do you see why followers don’t really matter [for your strategy] on Pinterest? (Think of them like blog subscribers or RSS feed subscribers.) 

Note that your Pinterest views will go up and down whether you have followers or not. If someone sees your pin and repins it, it can be seen whether or not someone follows you.

Pinterest views and click-throughs, how do you get more of them?

Whether you are going for the vanity number (Pinterest views) or the numbers that matter (link clicks), here are some things you can do to boost your Pinterest profile:

  • Use Tailwind. Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner and a great way to automate your pins. (Sign up for a FREE TRIAL, or read more.) *Note: check your Tailwind analytics for MORE insight on how well your boards are performing. If you notice your group boards not “giving back” to you, you may make the choice to leave them.
  • SEO your profile, boards, pins, etc. (Learn how to do that on this post.)
  • Manual pin at least 10 pins a day – a combination of yours and others (if manual pinning is your only strategy, you will need to bump this number up. Experiment to see what works well for your account.)
  • Create multiple pins for each blog post, each with a different design/color scheme/fonts.
  • Create and pin new pins each week (Be sure to space out your pinning!)
  • Perform a profile audit. (Learn more on this post.)
  • Create seasonal pins (always think 3 months into the future – what holiday/season will be happening in the next 3 months?)
  • Create new (SEO optimized) boards and/or join new group boards
  • Take a short break! Time away from something helps you to see the “bigger picture” and may give you ideas for new strategies.

*For more tips, tricks, and STRATEGIES, take my Pinterest course

spcial media marketing hacks guide

Final thoughts

As with all types of businesses, Pinterest has “seasons” where it is slower than other times of the year. Summer is one of them, as it’s warmer, so everyone is outside/active and not on their phones as much. Or, Christmas pins will not do as well in March as it will in Oct/Nov/Dec.

If there ever comes a time where your Pinterest views tank, or steadily decline, you can now be confident that it is TRULY not a bad thing! Get to know your Pinterest profile and analytics thoroughly, as they provide ALL THE INFORMATION you need to succeed on Pinterest. (Learn how to interpret Pinterest analytics in my course, Pinterest for the People!)

And if the task of running a Pinterest profile and interpreting analytics seems a little daunting to you, don’t fret! As a Pinterest Strategist, I provide all of this in my services – and more! Head to the Services tab on my website to learn more. 

Let me know in the comments section your take on Pinterest views and clicks. I’m curious to find out if others agree on my take on this!

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