Get your business on Pinterest NOW! (Reasons why)

Get your business on Pinterest NOW! (Reasons why)

“Pinterest is only for saving recipes for later.. when I get around to trying them.” “How can I use Pinterest to sell my products? It’s not a place to make sales?” “Pinterest is just another social media app that I have to take the time to learn. It’s too confusing.” “I don’t have time to figure it out.”

I bet you hear this often when you are explaining to someone that they should put their business on Pinterest. As a Pinterest Strategist, I know I do.

Yes, Pinterest IS a bit of a puzzle, however, it isn’t rocket science. It just takes some strategy and dedication. Plus, there are several Pinterest gurus (like me!) that can do the job FOR YOU!

Why NOT build another income stream for your business?

I have to admit, I originally was the person who just used Pinterest as my “idea” catch-all (think visual brain dump). I had boards for recipes I wanted to try, craft projects I wanted to do, dream home decor, and pretty places I wanted to visit (but never would). It wasn’t until about year ago that I truly realized the potential Pinterest has.

So WHY should you get your business on Pinterest NOW? Keep Reading.

Read now or pin for later!

What is Pinterest?

First and foremost, Pinterest is not considered a “social media” platform.

Well, not in the traditional sense. Sure, you can post comments on pins, however, you don’t regularly “socialize” on Pinterest like you would on Facebook or Instagram. There is no worry about “liking” pictures or commenting on posts, just to be seen and to increase your engagement. Pinterest is a visual search engine, much like how Google/Yahoo/Bing is. It is based on eye-catching pins and the information it leads to.

If you use Pinterest personally, think about exactly how you use it. First, you probably opened the app because you wanted to search for something (a recipe, Halloween costume ideas, a fun craft, etc.). After finding what you needed (and several other variations,) you save (“pin”) it to a board you have categorized for it.

It has the power to turn BROWSERS into potential BUYERS. Most of us online shop, and when we see something we really love, we want a quick way to access it.

Now, do you see why Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, but a beautiful VISUAL search engine, an online catalog, if you will, of just about everything under the sun?

So how does Pinterest benefit your business?

Pinterest is a hidden gem-a unicorn in the world of marketing.

By using Pinterest for your business, you are tapping into a marketing resource with the potential to drive organic traffic to any type of link you want – your website, blog, online store, Facebook group, etc. As of this post, Pinterest has over 400 million viewers every month.


With a business account you are provided analytics, which is a great way to figure out what your audience likes and what exactly they are looking for. You can see what pins they are clicking on and monitor how much traffic is going to your website.

This tells you whether you need to make adjustments to your pins, recreate pins in the same style, etc.


The act of saving a pin to your own board is also known as repining. As you save pins you like, someone else is saving your pins, too! By doing these actions it allows you to “rank up” in the Pinterest world and that’s where the monthly viewers number comes in. (More about that in this post.)

Bonus tip: repinning and saving great-looking and popular pins gives your account a boost because you’ll end up “sharing” that pin’s traffic.

Affiliate Links

Pinterest allows you to create pins for links you are an affiliate for, creating ONE MORE income stream for you! (Also known as passive income.)

Even though Pinterest takes a longer amount of time to spit out results as opposed to Facebook/Instagram, it is actually beneficial in the long run because your pins (if they are re-pinned (saved) by others) can virtually last forever. (Think bigger picture!)

Pinterest can also be used in conjunction with other platforms, so you’re not waiting for a long time to get the organic traffic you need.

How Pinterest works

Pinterest can definitely seem a little complicated, and many people forgo using the platform because they don’t completely understand it. Add to that the fact that you don’t really see how you can get 400 million people to see your stuff. While it’s not a guarantee, it is a great possibility and a reality that many people would love to get a piece of. There are a few steps that go into the number of people who will actually be seeing your pins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your products/services into the eye of millions, at the very least.

First things first, Pinterest doesn’t rely as heavily on followers/having a following like other social media platforms. What helps you get “seen” the most is SEO (search engine optimization), or keywords. Just like you would Google something, the same concept applies to Pinterest. You must have accurate keywords, and they must be placed strategically. Learn more about Pinterest SEO.

Of course, as with anything, there are several other factors that need to go into turning a view/being seen into a potential customer, and ultimately, a sale. Some include:

  • Interest
  • Intrigue
  • Need
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From a window shopper to a customer

Aside from creating pins and sharing them with your followers and them sharing it as well, there are other ways to extend your reach as a Pinterest for business user.

Group boards

Group boards are a neat creation, much similar to the “DM engagement pods” you see for Instagram. Here, a community of people gets together to collaborate on a board, sharing their pins with this group of people. Then they turn around and share other’s pins, generating opportunities for extra organic traffic. If you have good SEO, your pins will gain great traction.

Group boards can be created by yourself, or you can join others (with permission) that are already in full swing. They can also be narrow-niched, or general. (Join my Pinterest blogging & business group boards here.)

Tailwind Tribes

Another way to get your pins out and circulating is by using Tailwind Tribes. A tribe is exactly like Pinterest group boards, however I feel like you can get a better (and bigger!) reach by utilizing them. Tribes are free to join and use. I’m currently a tribe owner of two tribes, one for Social Media Managers/Virtual Assistants, and one for Pinterest marketing & Management. Feel free to join any (or both) through the links, and when you do, we’ll both receive Tailwind credit for a free month! If you’re not currently a member of Tailwind, my affiliate links will gift you 100 free pins, too.

Facebook groups

One of my tricks to getting my pins seen are by using specially-created Facebook groups for that purpose. Inside the groups they are using daily re-pin threads where you can submit a pin to the group, and in turn re-pin so many others. This is a great way to be seen by other audiences. My top 2 groups that I interact in everyday are Pinterest Pals and Pinterest Ninjas. (I am a part of quite a few more groups, however I don’t participate in them daily.)

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Quick-fix VS Long-term

One thing about Pinterest is, it is not known for instant gratification; rather it is more of a long-term solution. It does take time to accumulate all those people seeing your pins. However, the exchange is that pins last forever. Because if it is shared by so many, it will always be “out there” and seen somehow, somewhere.

So while the life of social media posts have an “expiration date”, pins don’t. Create different versions of your pins (for one product/listing/service/post) and you will have an abundance of mini-ads for your ONE product. The reach on this is basically ENDLESS.

One thing that you DO want to remember is that Pinterest works best when you plan ahead. As with “seasons” consumers (and you!) tend to start looking ahead when planning for events. It is recommended that you start creating pins with ideas/products that will be useful three months from now (similar to when you see stores putting out the Christmas stuff in September/October.) Be prepared and capitalize off those trends.

That’s not all

Everything that I have shared here is not even HALF of what Pinterest can do for you! There are promoted pins, shoppable pins, pinning strategies, management services.. This platform has so much to offer, and for most of these things, the price is… FREE. You can’t beat free when you’re just starting your business and need to drive traffic to your store/website/blog.

Final thoughts..

Now you can see how easy it is to fall in love with Pinterest for your business! For me, I’m OBSESSED! I hope you find this post helpful. Stay tuned for more, in-depth posts of the innerworkings of Pinterest and the benefits it gives you (for FREE, don’t forget!). So the next time you see or think “Why Pinterest” it is my hope this post helps to satisfy your question.

Once you decide to take the plunge to start your business account, sign up for my mailing list below and get a free handout with quick tips to optimize your profile.

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