How to keep up with your virtual business when “life” happens!

It’s one of those things that happen. Especially if you work your virtual business from home. And have children.

It’s called Life.

There may be times where you have to put your business on the back burner. Not intentionally, but because important things happen in your life.

As of this post, I just signed a lease for my new house. It was a VERY UNEXPECTED life event, even though it was something I had been planning for months.

You see, we were house hunting, but having a hard time finding something that fit all of our criteria. Then one day (a Saturday)  we saw a sign on the side of the road for a house for rent. We got in touch with the Landlord the next day (Sunday) and after gathering our paperwork and documents, the day after (Monday) we received our keys!

Yes, my story seems like something that isn’t real (it’s true, I promise!), and as unexpected as it was, I needed to start packing up and transferring everything. While STILL running and keeping up with my business (and client work!).

Luckily, even though I had to pack up my home office, I was still able to maintain my virtual business like I still had one! Keep reading to know how I did it.

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how to keep up with your virtual business when "life" happens

Top 10 Apps I use for my virtual business

One way I kept up with my virtual business (Pinterest Strategist/Manager and VA) is by downloading all the app versions of the programs I use on my computer onto my phone and iPad.

By downloading the apps, I can still keep up with certain aspects of my job and not slow down! Some of the apps I use daily are:

  • Gmail

Email is one of my most important forms of communication with current and potential clients, my subscribers, and more. I have the app on both my phone and iPad. This is an essential part of my business and I was so glad I was able to keep up with anything that came through.

  • Pinterest

Since my business revolves around Pinterest, it’s only natural that I’d have the app downloaded everywhere! The app doesn’t include all the features that the website has, but it has enough of them that I could still do the work I needed to do. I love that I can be signed into multiple client accounts at the same time!

Being a Social Media Manager means I’m always creating some type of graphic, either for myself or clients. By downloading it on my phone and iPad, I was still able to create graphics on the go!

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  • Google Analytics

An important aspect of my business is monitoring and analyzing data for my clients (and myself!). This helps with building their Pinterest profiles and ensuring that my strategies are working. If not, I can tweak them at moment’s notice!

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

These apps are downloaded not only for personal use, but to keep up with my clients, too! FB, IG, TW, and LI are great places for me to find clients or to answer questions that others have in regards to management.

  • WordPress

I downloaded the WordPress app so that I could monitor my daily traffic and ensure that my website is performing the way it should be. It also allows me to reply to comments.

I use Tailwind to help with my client’s and my Pinterest traffic. From the app I can schedule pins, create drafts, and find other’s pins to post! One downide for me is that I can only be signed into one account at a time, and I can’t access board lists from the app.

Trello is an awesome organizational tool! I use it as my blog editorial calendar, affiliate links home, and more. It automatically syncs from my computer to my phone and back. I love that I can keep up with it on the go; it’s been a lifesaver for me! Learn how to use Trello here (affiliate link).

I use Dropbox to save all my client’s work and more. By having on my computer and apps, I can access the files I need at any time I need them. I love that I can create something on my computer and access it on my phone when needed. Such a lifesaver!

I use Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts. Scheduling posts help me to save and manage my time wisely. (Read my review of Planoly here!)

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Working my virtual business on the Go

By having these apps downloaded on my phone and iPad, I was able to keep working while preparing for my move (and actually moving) – without slowing down!

Working my virtual business from home means I don’t have the traditional “sick” or “vacation” days, so even though I don’t have a “boss” to answer to, I was not able to take “time off”. I did think about pausing my business for the two weeks that I needed, however, I realized that I didn’t have to!

Even with staying connected to my virtual business through my phone and iPad, I was glad that I was able to take a “break” from the work I was doing for my business (not client work, but other work in general). I was close to a burnout, and knew I should slow down – but I didn’t really want to. This move seemed to be a blessing in disguise, by allowing me to slow down when I really needed to.


Even though life happens, you don’t need to quit doing what you love! There are always ways you can stay connected. Owning a virtual business doesn’t mean it has to stop when life gets in the way. If you want to continue working, you will find a way!

Let me know in the comments below how you run your business on the go!

how to keep up with your virtual business when life throws you curveballs

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